Let the Colors Speak On Display January 18 - March 30, 2019 | Asian American Resource Center

Artists Thakur and Kharod, both born in India and both proud Austinites now, document their individual journeys through watercolor and acrylic paintings. Drawing inspiration from the two communities they love, the artists seek to depict the colorful traditions, vibrant life, and diverse culture found in each.

Whether it is expressed through work in watercolors, acrylics, oils or textiles, Thakur is inspired by the people, animals, her travels and the culture that surrounds her. Kharod’s inspiration is drawn from the continual drive for self-improvement through her watercolors. The manner of which pigment interacts with water and flows unpredictably has helped her learn to let go and become less of a perfectionist.

The pathway to creative expression for each artist is unique but their collective exhibit reflects a similar happiness and beauty found in their everyday lives.

Exhibit Reception

Friday, January 18, 2019 at 6pm | Snacks and Refreshments Provided

Supriya Kharod

Supriya Kharod

My watercolors and urban sketches are inspired by both my excursions around the world and, especially, in my “weird” city of Austin. My entire life has been filled with color and my paintings reflect it. As I look back over time, I find that painting watercolors has helped the former perfectionist in me loosen up, because I’ve learned to let the paint flow how it wishes and to enjoy the results. This mentality has spilled over into my non-painting life as well and has improved my overall way of living. I wish to share that same joy and freedom with my audiences.

Rashmi Thakur

Rashmi Thakur

Art and creativity have always been part of me, even as a child. I am a visual artist and love to work with various mediums. My paintings & textile art are inspired by my multicultural background, nature, culture, people, lifestyle, and travels. My art portrays our day to day life and events. I believe that my paintings are an experience. A ray of light to bring joy, happiness, smile, beauty, and gratitude, even in things that appear insignificant and invisible during our busy lives.

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