Tech Data Corporation By Cameron Evans

Who is Tech Data Corporation?

Tech Data is an international technology distribution company. Their role is to bring the products of technology companies (such as Apple and Microsoft) to the market where they can be bought and sold. They employ roughly 14,000 people, and operate in more than 100 different countries. They are also proud to be listed on FORTUNE 500 as one of the most profitable industrial companies in the US.


Founded in 1974 by Edward Raymond, Tech Data has since grown into billion dollar company. In 1986, the company made its initial public offering on NASDAQ, and in 1989 Tech Data expanded into Canada. This move marked Tech Data's first development outside of the US. Other significant dates include 1991 (when the company was first mentioned by FORTUNE 500) and 1993 (when the company surpassed 1 billion in sales). Since 1993 tech Data has grown exponentially, reaching 5 billion in sales in 2000 and surpassing 20 billion in the year 2005. Last year, their figure for sales was 26.2 billion.

Edward C. Raymond, founder of Tech Data Corporations

Motto & Mission statement

"The Difference in Distribution."

Tech Data's goal is to remain a powerful IT distributor, meanwhile satisfying customers and increasing its market value.

Why am I interested in Tech Data?

First and foremost, Tech Data offers career opportunities in in the field of Accounting and Information Technology (both of which I study at University of Florida). They host prestigious intern programs in these fields from which I would learn a great deal. I also have personal ties with Tech Data. My father has worked at the company for more than 10 years as a part of their accountant division. I greatly admire the core values Tech Data abides by (which include responsibility, integrity and a passion for winning).


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