Create-a-Creature Project sideous clamius

Sideous Clamius, is found in various zones of the ocean: pelagic zone, neritic zone, and the aphotic zone. Sideous Clamius has the ability to blend in with the different environment around him.

Sideious Clamius, moves by sucking water in through its mouth then squirting it out the back like a boost. Sideious Clamius eats baitfish like capelin, smelts, sand lance, halfbeaks, pollock. They grow up to two feet, it changes colors adapting to the environment. It protects itself by its large sharp teeth and burrowing itself under the sand to scare and get away from predators.Sideious Clamius

Sideious Clamius, breathes out of its golden gills and reproduces sexually with other femail Sideious Clamius.

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