Final Part 1: The Maze Nathan hartkemeyer

Robot Model:

Model #1:

This model was specialized for its compact design and its ability to have the sensor close to the ground (this feature would be carried over to Model #2). This model seemed to be a success at first but I had changed it so that there would be less traction to provide more easy movement in Model #2 (traction proved not to be the problem instead looking in hindsight it was the code I used).

Model #2:

This model was met with failure because of my inability to see that it wasn't the model that was failing me, but the code that was. Ultimately changing the tires did nothing. to the success of the Robot.

The Code:

This code was a minor success in the progression of my robot.
This code focused more on repetition rather than the unique turns of the maze.


In Conclusion:

I believe that this project was a failure on my part because of how much time I spent building the robot instead of focusing on the code to get the robot through the maze. If I had spent more time on the code then I believe that I could have had more success in the end.


Created with images by reginaspics - "labyrinth maze garden"

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