MMO Industry A NEVER-ENDING evolvtion

The MMO industry is an industry that never ends.

it is always evolving and continues to perfect itself, although some games does feel quite lackluster

There are many F2P games on the market nowdays, such as Silkroad online, Blade and Soul or even the recently Hyped Revelation online

But are they really worth playing at all?

Like are they really FREE, or they only free to play but to reach end-game content or win in PVP is really P2W

Most of these F2P based their “money making schemes” around their cash shop, many start off with awesome cool cosmetics for paying users but ends up with End game gear or boss/legendery gears in cash shop down the road.

Online gaming websites such as dragon ball super games have being very popular within the Gaming community within the last 10 years or so.

There is a good reason why they are blossoming more than it meeting the general public’s eye.

Who seriously wants to play a game where they have to spend a few thousand just to reach end-content, or just to even compete in PVP let alone win.

Who would wants to spend their spare times in a game where it is filled with toxic players with egos or bad personalities.

The General public don’t. that’s where mini-games are becoming much more popular now.

The MMO industry needs to shape up if they want the industry to continue striving like back in the 2000s.


Created with an image by mikemol - "Cosplay - AWA14 - Dragonball Z"