The Galapagos islands are amassing incredible creatures every were, the sea is as bright and bold as the sun! There have been 13 volcanic eruptions among the islands over the last 100 years. Boobies are seabirds that are part of the gannet group. There are so many astounding animals.Charles Darwin went there to research and think of the idea of evolution.

A Galapagos land lizard hides under a cactus for shade

Sally Lightfoot crabs are brightly-coloured coastal scavengers, found in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos turtles go in warm volcanic mud pool to regain energy.

red neck it has a long beak to reach over is bulging neck.

Another view of a Galapagos seal.

Galapagos fur seals are among the smallest of the Otariidae family. Their fur is a light tan on the stomach and around the mouth and ears, with the rest of the fur being a gray-brown. They have longer guard hairs and male fur seals have a mane of slightly longer hairs from the top of the head to their shoulders. Fur seal pups have a blackish-brown coat. The Galapagos fur seal is distinguishable by its short, pointed muzzle and small, button-like nose.


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