If you give a Raccoon food

If you give a Raccoon food,

He will give you the nice face

When he gives you the nice face,

He will probably ask for more

Unless you give him more,

He will be waiting on the door

If he waits for long time,

He will be angry

When he is angry,

He will start destroying your house

After he destroys your house,

He will run away

When he runs away,

The bear will com

When the bear comes,

You should run for your life


Created with images by frankieleon - "born free" • Jeffrey Tripp - "untitled image" • Gunn Shots (Offline for a few days) - "Down by the river" • ljguitar - "BBQ!" • Out at Bob's - "Baby Raccoon" • 134213 - "raccoon animals mammals" • ArtCoreStudios - "ruins urban destruction" • donjd2 - "Coyote Running Away" • solviturambulando - "Black Bear" • RyanMcGuire - "running sprint cinder-track"

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