Far From You Tess Sharpe

I think this book takes place in a city somewhere by the country. There's a woods nearby, which I imagine only to be near countrysides. It's also abandoned, so I see it as gloomy and dark. Not completely dead, but not blooming and full. It also has a cliff.
This book takes place in Seaside Rehab, which Sophie was forced into. Several other locations include Aunty Macy's house, where her first rehab stint was, Sophie's home, and the park. She's at the park to confront Mina's boyfriend, Kyle, who lied and told the police that Mina told him Sophie wanted to go out to booker's point to score. That's why Sophie had to go to seaside; for rehab she didn't need.
It's in present day, so it's very relatable by a typical teenager. It makes me feel strange, thinking that this kind of thing happens around me and it might impact someone who I saw in the mall, or just walking around. How do they deal with that?

It's very countryside/city, and has a woods cliff thing. I imagine it to be small, as they describe it as small and shady, and overlooking a super steep drop.

It's empty, with several typical families. It's not crowded, with cars rushing by and such. It makes me feel cozy, as I imagine a small neighborhood as very tight knit and safe.
There's cars, cell phones, and opiates. I feel these time stamp the stories because those aren't things that people had back in the day.

It's very anticipated, as we're always trying to solve one mystery after another. It's also sad, as we feel Sophie's loss and her struggle and pain

The time stamp affects it. These days, people see teenagers as trouble, and that's probably why they were lead to believe Sophie wasn't truthful, which got her sent to rehab


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