Fukushima nuclear disaster Murali

Is nuclear Energy production a better environmental choice then coal based production?

Although nuclear power plants are safe under ideal conditions, they aren't risk free and the radiation is a huge risk to humans and the ecosystem. The effects that coal based production present such as greenhouse gas emissions resulting in global warming are far worse than the possible effects with nuclear energy. Therefore nuclear energy is a better choice for the environment.

Summarise in a series of short bullet points the Fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster.

  • Following an earthquake a 15 metre tsunami disabled the cooling and power supply of the three nuclear reactors causing an accident on the 11th of march 2011.
  • Apart from the cooling system, the new task was to ensure that the radioactive materials did not get released as it would effect humans, flora and fauna.
  • No one died from radiation sickness but over 100,000 people were evacuated from their homes to ensure this

Reflect on the events of Fukushima, discuss how they could've been avoided.

Based on the websites and research that I have read, they seem to ba saying that the power plant was poorly planned and constructed. Perhaps because Japan is prone to earthquakes, they could've put in place a backup plan incase a tsunami did hit at any time.

Identify one social, economic and environmental impact of a nuclear disaster. How do these affect sustainability?

A nuclear disaster would present many new problems on top of the ones we already have and could perhaps severely injure, alter or even kill all forms of life, with also more people going to hospitals and maybe veternarians. The economy could be effected by the money that would be pumped in to the land to make repairs and better the structure of the plant and anywhere effected. There have been cases of the ecosystem where abnormal flora and fauna have been found which is probably bad with the radiation that they emit.


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