Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Coronado's Route

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain.

Coronado sailed for the country of Mexico.

Coronado's expedition started out in Mexico, and he sailed to parts of what is now Kansas and other parts of what is today the southwestern United States.

Coronado made several discoveries, one of the most significant being discovering the Grand Canyon. His country labeled his expedition as a failure despite his discoveries.

His expedition impacted the local Indians, as him and his crew violently clashed with them. He found none of the 'treasure' that he went on the expedition for, but he discovered several landmarks.

He started his expedition in 1540, but when it was labeled as a failure, he returned back to Mexico in 1542, where he died in 1554.

Coronado's expedition lasted for two years, from 1540 until 1542.

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