Sandstone Estate's Spring Festival Saturday, 21 November 2020

The weekend of the 19th to 22 November 2020 saw Sandstone Estates host a 'Spring Festival.' Their first such event since the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in South Africa.

In steam was former South African Railway's class NGG16, No.153, with 10 Coaches.

No.153 prepares to depart Hoekfontein Station for Grootdraai, with the 10am train.
Having navigated the balloon at Grootdraai (the most easterly point on the line, and right next to the Lesotho border) No.153 and her driver, Mark Ruddy, race past the airfield and on towards Hoekfontein.
Having reached the loop at Mooihoek (western side of Hoekfontein),No.153 has run-around her train and his preparing to couple to her train for the return to Hoekfontein.
'A military encounter!' Visitors to the festival also had the option of riding on military vehicles between locations.
'Poetry in motion.'
'Race to catch the train!'
Inside the main running shed at Hoekfontein. From left-to-right: The tender of NG10 No.61; NGG16 (Number unknown); NG4 No16, and NG6.
'Nuts and Bolts!'
'The workmans bench.'
The next big restoration project at Sandstone Estates: NGG16A No.155.
'NGG16A No.155 standing tall.'
'Diane' - The former South African Railway's tank locomotive.
'Walk through the Valley of Colour.'
'Spare Wheels!'
No.153 has her tank filled with water before the next trip.
Fireman, Shawn Spaan.
'A study of Steel.'
With her tank full of water, and her fire cleaned, No.153 makes her way back to Hoekfontein for the next train.
'Mechanical elegance.'
No.153 departs Hoekfontein, as a large storm rolls in.
A vintage WW2 Sherman Tank, at rest in her shed.
No.153, as seen through a vintage truck, trundles into Hoekfontein.
No.153 races up the steep gradient leading into the western side of Hoekfontein - just in time too!
'A seat with a view!'
'Last run of the day!' With the rain pouring down, No.153 makes her way back to Hoekfontein Station.
Grootdraai Balloon.
No.153 trundles around the balloon at Greeotdraai.
'Passenger's view!' Mooihoek siding.
And that's a wrap for Saturday!
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James Attwell