Photo Composition Amy Moreno

Composition Rules

RULE OF THIRDS - The subject (boy) is on the far left of the image as opposed to being right in the center.
REPETITION - The subject (lockers) create a repeating pattern.
ANGLE - The change in angle of the camera creates a worm's eye view of the subject (fire escape sign)
STRONG SUBJECT (FILLING THE FRAME) - The subject (dog) is the center of interest, and the background is simple.
FRAMING - Natural elements (the doorframe) were used to create a border around the subject (Kamri)
LEADING LINES - Lines (flags) lead to the subject of the photo (color guard members)
SELECTIVE FOCUS - A narrow depth - of - field is used so only part of the photo (water bottle) is in focus.

Composition Errors

MERGERS - Two objects (students) overlap in a strange way that make them appear connected
BRIGHT SPOTS - Unintentionally bright areas caused by light


Created with images by coyot - "white paper texture"

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