What's Your Journey? Follow your shoes

We all came for different reasons, from different places and with different shoes on our feet. We came together to share experiences in Reggio Emilia. Our shoes helped us on this journey, but the journey does not stop here. Where will your shoes take you next?


Birkenstock Gizeh || Mocha || $94.95

"I came to Reggio because I wanted to get a better understanding of the education world. It's sometimes hard to grasp others' views of teaching, and this program really encapsulated cultural and comparative educational opportunities. My shoes represent me because they're as close as it comes to being barefoot. They're comfortable and simple, and allow you to easily take them on and off, which is nice for days in the park or at the beach. Hopefully my next big adventure will be going abroad again and teaching in another about America, Italy, and what I've learned in both places."


Vans Sk8 || Black High Top || $65

"I came to Reggio because I liked the idea of being in a smaller city and it would give me a better feel of Italian culture. My shoes represent my journey because I have worn them on all of my trips and I actually bought them in Reggio. They are my favorite shoes because they are good for walking and fit my style. After the program I will be heading to the Netherlands."


Adidas Superstars || White with pink stripe || $80

"I came to Reggio because I wanted to study abroad in a small Italian town. I knew a big city would be too overwhelming and a small town would be better for learning the Italian culture. My shoes represent my journey because they express my personality and how I have changed since coming to Italy. I will always be American but in an attempt to be more Italian I bought these with the pink stripe giving them the uniqueness while trying to blend in. My shoes have a special place in my heart and I hope to wear them to many new places to learn about other cultures. I hope that no matter where I go I can bring these shoes and remember the numerous amazing experiences I had in Italy. The journey will not end when I go back to America, it will continue as I explore and create new memories in my pink Adidas."


Abound || Oxford Taupe || $40

"I came to Italy to experience a different culture and a different part of the world than the one I was used to. I was bored with living in the same part of the world in which I had grown up in and wanted to discover myself and the world. My shoes represent my style. They go with every outfit so they're perfect for travel filled lifestyle that has been my life for the past nine months. My shoes will now take me back to America to reconnect with family and friends before heading to University to explore new parts of Washington."


Forever 21 || Faux leather || $15

"I came to Reggio to really test my independence and to experience a whole different environment I'm not used to. Being used to a routine and fast pace lifestyle, I wanted to slow down and really take the long path. Sandals represent my journey because just like sandals, I want to slip into adventures and create memories before I step back into reality. My shoes will take me into the unknown called adulthood. I'll be graduating and living day by day hoping to find more about myself with my future career."


Dress To || Brown Leather || $37

"I came to Italy mostly to study psychology. But I also wanted to practice my English and learn more Italian. My shoes represent my journey because they are worn in which shows how far I have come. Next, my shoes will be taking me to my graduation because that is my next big journey."


Windsor Smith Eagar || Black Leather || $199.95

"I came to Reggio because I wanted a study abroad program in Europe and this program had health classes I could use towards my degree. These shoes represent my journey because I have walked so many kilometer's in these shoes since being abroad that the soles are starting to get worn out. After the program I will be heading to Portugal and then to the U.K. to spend some time with family."


Gore-Tex || Black Rain Boot || $200

"I came to Reggio because I wanted to have an authentic study abroad experience in Italy and I thought that this would be a great smaller city to live in. I bought these shoes because it always rains in Portland. They're actually from Japan so I brought them all the way from Japan to Hawaii to Portland and now to Italy. I'm going back to Portland next after I travel for a few weeks in Italy and I will be bringing these shoes with me, of course!"


Naturalizer || Brown Natural Soul || $40

"I came to Reggio Emilia to experience a small Italian town. The Reggio Emilia approach for education also had my attention. My shoes represent my journey because to me, it means continuing around the world with two soles. They show to not only be for one destination, but many. These were my main form of transportation. My shoes will take me back to the United States to continue my education after I experienced another part of the world. I am more grounded and appreciate where my shoes have taken me."


Forever 21 || Black Knee High Boots || $50

"I came to Reggio to step out of my comfort zone and learn new things that I knew my previous environment could not teach me. I was curious as to what other perspectives and values lived outside of my community and I knew that Reggio Emilia, being the small European city that it is, could show me a lifestyle that I secretly craved. My knee high boots represent my journey because they are extremely flexible in style, and flexibility is something I had to refine during my experience here. My shoes are simple, fashionable and comfortable. Just like Marilyn Monroe said, "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" my shoes will continue to support me as I move forward conquering new adventures in this amazing world."

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