thursday February 21st, 2019 @ 12:00Pm Atlantic standard time

This first of it's kind webinar class is a teaching tool for Human Resource professionals, Executives, Business Owners and Finance professionals who are seeking to better understand the elements of Employee Benefits Management that can be controlled by the contract owner.

Presented by Felicia Rickards, Organizational Development Strategist and Personal Development Coach.

A former industry insider who spent 16 years "on the inside" of leading firms in employee benefits sales & service. A "global office" consultant with a presence in the UK & Bermuda.

Attendees will create an action plan from the content of the session to take immediate steps to review internal plan administration processes. A complimentary 30-minute strategy session will be granted upon completion of the course.

Delivered in a modern web based format using the Zoom platform, eliminating time away from your busy schedule. The session will be hosted live!

The hour long course is filled with practical insights and actionable tips across; group life, pension and health contracts. Each benefit section contains further sub sections with content on; internal administration, education, engagement and accounting practices. Worksheets will be provided for participants to complete at the end of the course. These will be used for discussion in the follow up strategy session. In addition, we will cover;

  • How to better manage your enrollment and termination cycles
  • What elements of employee benefit administration you can control
  • How to address knowledge gaps for your employees
  • How to engage employees in the benefits management process
  • Why employee benefit plans are a key component of your employees quality of life
  • How to prepare for your group health renewal meetings

Each participant will receive worksheets for completion at the end of the course. The completed documents will contain action items for review of your processes.

The session has a restricted number of registration spaces available. With the busy group health renewal season looming, this is one event you can't afford to miss!

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