Tremendous Weekly Content Review! (Dual week this week! 11-28 -- 12-10)

So, let me start off this week with an apology. I travel a lot for work and last week I was in North Dakota when nature decided to try to kill everything there with a massive blizzard. Days were spent in crowded airports and miserable hotel rooms. So the Weekly Content review slipped my mind until some people reminded me about it on Wednesday. So I suck... lol! So this week will be a bigger Content Review because its going to encompass the past two weeks. Again, I apologize for my lapse. I will try not to let it happen again!

Starting us off strong in this dual week review is WAAARGHAMMER! He brings us an update on his Orc unit. It came out very nice if I do say so myself!


Next up one of our newer members brings us some Battle Reports. AHOL (MrAxhol on YouTube) has some great battles to share with us and they're all worth a watch! Dude is promising!

Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCKS Pod cast is up next! This week they talk about reading warfare and the Surrey Smackdown. Listened to this in an Airport surrounded by snow. Its was excellent!


SIRMC2015 brings us a short but enlightened article that goes over how to better help fellow T9A players when they get into a Losing streak Rut. We've all been there, this article really helps to put it into perspective!

Blonde Beer!

The Legend himself is up next! Blonde Beer (The Orange Road on You Tube) brings us Gigantic battle reports on his channel! There's some Tournament reviews, model reviews and plain old, giant sized fun! If you're not watching Blonde Beer's Content already you need to start loving yourself more. go check his stuff out!


An old favorite, SkaveninAZ brings us an insightful video into his current struggles with the Vermin Swarm. Its a good video to watch and get into the comments with for anyone feeling a little miffed by their current army selection. This isn't a video bashing anything, just a solid discussion on the topic.

I'm up next YAY! lol! I only have one battle report up but I did do a couple of short Informational videos to bring attention to two major Indiegogo campaigns currently happening! If you haven't checked them out you need to! The models available from TMS and Hidden Dreams are amazing and it'll be the only chance to get them for these prices! Hope you check them out!

Henrypmiller of AMMERTIME Podcast fame is up next. This week(s) he brings us another Tale of Many gamers installment full of great hobbying ideas and treats! The pictures alone are worth the read! He also brings us another AMMERTIME Podcast episode with more great insight into v1.2 and how its effected the community. Check it out!


2DSick is up next with a slew of great content! An ad for Southsea Slaughter, a great Battle Report, A quick article that is summed up with the term, "OMG!", and an epic unboxing video! Set aside a couple hours. You're going to be well entertained when you sit down to enjoy 2DSICK's content!

PETTERWASS brings us a MASSIVE article showing an incredible game of his KoE army taking on a HBE list. The pictures are great, the commentary is intelligent, and the whole battle is totally worth the read! Don't take my word for it though! Go check out the articles yourself! You'll be blown away!


Darksky brings us a really amazing article on his battle against his SA Buddy! The pictures, commentary, and battle itself are extraordinary! Treat yourself, sit down and read Darksky's report. Its really amazing!

Finishing us off for this combined Content Review is none other than GENEPHELPS (Wargaming from the Balcony on You tube) In this video they review some Indiegogo campaigns that are currently happening. They're bringing to light some of the great opportunities we have to get some amazing models at Indiegogo prices! Not to mention supporting the companies that are supporting us! These guys produce great videos! Go check it out!

And that's going to do it for this 2 week Content Review. Again, I apologize for missing last week's review. I will try hard not to screw up again. lol! Hope you guys enjoyed this review and as always, feel free to put any questions, comments, complaints, or concerns on the forums. I'll respond as soon as I can! Thanks!

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