Christopher i think prime numbers are life they are logical but you could never work the rules even if you spend all your time thinking about them.

"cool kids" by ecosmith because, Christopher was never normal he has always been different.

FACTS ABOUT ME ~ My name is Christopher John Francias Boone ~ I knows all capitals and citys in the world ~Loves prime numbers ~Knows all prime numbers up to 7,057 ~ I Work well with animals ~ I Don't understand human emotions ~Do not touch me ~ I Once punched a cop~ I Despise the color yellow

Hi I'm Christopher and this is my blog entry. right now I just found out my mom is still alive. She didn't die shes in London. Apparently in the notes she says she wasn't a good mother but I believe in second chances so I'm going to give her another chance. Dad might be mad though. I won't get his approval so I'm going to steal his credit card. I'm going to run away. I'm leaving the house I took my dad's card so I have to go to the subway so I can get a train to London.

I'm going down to the subway on the way no troubles. Nobody bothered me or touched me. I'm in the subway now I need to get on a train. I was looking around and then a police officer came up to me. He asked if I was okay and I told him I was looking on how to get to London. He told me that I have to buy a ticket. He asked me if I had money. And then he brought me to an atm so I could get money. I took out 50$ out. I feel guilty taking dad's card.

The money comes out of the machine and I ask him now what. He told me "go buy a ticket" I asked him "Where is that" And then he showed me directions to where you buy a ticket. I didn't know you had to wait in line so some guy flipped me off. I got my ticket though. Then i go to the train and get onto it. I'm a little nervous because there are a lot of people on the bus. Well just soon I'll be with my mom.

My favorite thing about Christopher is that he likes prime numbers. Because prime numbers are different and most people don't like them but Christopher does.

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