Photography Portfolio Jolene Gonzalez Period 4

Hi classmates, my name is Jolene Gonzalez i'm a senior at Serra High School and this is my second year taking Photography. some of the most interesting things that I love about photography are all the different types of categories there are in photography such as lighting, places, models, props, angles, cameras, and settings. Some things I really enjoyed this year was revisiting projects from freshman year, experiencing the photo 360 field trip at city college, and practicing more on Photoshop. the categories that i'm most interested in is the rule of third, filling the frame, shallow and deep depth of field, portraits, light painting, and nature. I hope to work more on angles, Photoshop, and making sure I know how to use the settings on the camera correctly.

Revisited Projects~ Shallow/ Deep depth of field

I chose this project because I love getting up close and personal and getting a blurry background. I also like how I got a rule of thirds photo. the only challenge I had was with the trash can in the back ground. I like how I got one where tiffany was smiling because the had just one a game she was playing on her phone.
I chose to take this photo because I liked the way the yellow and black on the bee looked against the brown and green in the background. Even with the only one antenna the only thing I would fix would be trying a different angel to crop out the tree and getting the lighting right so there was less of a shadow.
I chose this photo because I really liked the way I cropped the bottle of mustard and took it to the side creating a rule of thirds and getting the perfect amount of blur in the back. I one challenge was the bar from the cart in the back but other than that I feel like to captured the perfectly.

Day in The Life

this photo was apart of the day in the life project I took this over by the water fountains by the 600 buildings. it was tricky trying to find this to take pictures of. But I found this and it looks a lot like a monkey face and it looked different and unique. some challenges was the right angle as you can see its tilted to the side and its a tad dark so the lighting was a bit tricky to work with as well.
This photo was also apart of the day in the life project. I really liked how this was a rule of thirds and up close. I also like how old and rustic it is. I didn't have any trouble taking this. the sun was bright and perfect and the angle was right and there wasn't any distracting things around it.
This was also taken for the day in the life project. I took this over by the 6oo building and I really liked how it looks like the green bush was growing out of the building. its also apart of the rule of thirds category and there's no distracting backgrounds. the only problem was the lighting it was a bit of an overcast day and I couldn't get the settings right on the camera but it still turned out ok.

Spirit Posters

This was apart of the Spirit project, and I took it in the office. this was suppose to represent the word scholarship and I arranged it so that the highlighted part on the paper so one can see the "Dream to College" part. it was a bit tricky to get the perfect angle and lighting. I had to readjust the settings so the lighting was perfect. one should know how to work the settings to understand how its a lot different being inside from outside.
I took this by a bush and I brought a light bulb from Home so is represents innovation, technology and creativity. I had to lay on the ground and get it at this angle and the rule of thirds effect. The sun that day was perfect and just right. Although I had to Photoshop it so the shadows in the light bulb was lighter and the light bulb it self was brighter because its the main subject of the picture. but one should learn a bit about Photoshop because it can help the photo better.

Classmate Portraits

This is Aaron my portrait partner, I took this in the studio that my class and I set up in another class. it was apart of the one light project. it is a bit blurry at the top but other than that it was fine. what I think makes a perfect portrait is making sure that you and the model are comfortable and ok. with one light photos make sure that the shadow on the side of the face is not to dark.
This is Nhan not my main partner but I really liked this photo of him. it was a off guard one with a blurred back ground. the only thing the make portraits better is making sure there are no distracting back grounds like the palm tree in the back popping out of Nhans head.
Heres Aaron again, we took this over by the science building by this bush. I like how clean and how in focused the subject is. The one thing I would fix is the brown wall in the back, I could of got down at a lower angle, that's one thing all photographers should look for are angles.

Home Project

I took this photo for my Home Project because to me my mom and my boyfriend represent home. I understand that others would see a bed or music as a home, but I feel that where ever or who ever im most comfortable. I took this photo at Balboa part next to the Garden. the only challenges I had was getting the right settings on the camera and making sure there weren't to distracting things in the background. A topic that could possibly work for an at home project would be a
I took this photo for my Home project because living in San Diego one can go anywhere and see a street performer or people selling things. its really pretty depending on the weather or day. some challenges I had trying to take this photo was the sunlight it was a tad bright. but I loved getting an off guard picture of him.
I took this photo for my home assignment because this is my 7 year old cat Charlie and the Is the light of my life. he my pried and joy. some things that could be fixed was the lighting and angle.

5-10 pictures

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