Work Day 8 Unreal Engine Modding

My pistol weapon model

So today was a bit different than normal. After Oculus announced the Oculus Quest a few weeks ago and announced that the entirety of Robo Recall (an amazing launch game from Epic Games for the Oculus Rift's Touch controllers) would be coming to Quest (hopefully in my case including mod-support) I decided to get back into modding for the game. My first complete mod with animations, then, had to be the games most basic weapon, the pistol!

I do a lot of voxel modeling, if anyone hasn't noticed already, it's my favorite modelling type. and my goal with this mod pack (which I'm calling Voxel Recall Realism) is to replace all the major component of the game with voxel models (so weapons, robots, bosses, items, some maps, etc) and starting with the pistol gave me a good gauge of how much work it would take.

it also gave me a good idea how much work it would take to get the colors right! In the Blender renders as well as in-game, the brown handle of the gun turned slightly pink, probably because of UV wrapping problems.

However, despite some discoloration, the gun does actually work! I have the entire mod posted to the game's main modding website, roborecallmods.com , where you can download the mod, install it, and then play around with it in Robo Recall yourself! The top slide even recoils every time it shoots!

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