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  • Launch by Adobe is not an update to our current tag manager, Dynamic Tag Management. It’s a completely new solution, built from the ground up, that enables brands to orchestrate and activate web-based marketing tools. Launch by Adobe is unlike current tag management systems available. Specifically, brands can:
  • Build and update their own extensions vs. relying on the tag management vendor to do so. Launch by Adobe was built with an API-first approach, making it the most open and extensible tag management solution available today. Rather than have a third-party tag management provider in charge of building and maintaining an extension, customers and partners now have all the tools they need to independently build and manage extensions directly within the Adobe Cloud Platform. This increases scale, speeds up time-to-market on new extensions and updates, and reduces friction between IT and marketing teams. Key components of Launch by Adobe have also been open sourced via Github and npm, so brands can build anything they need that doesn’t already exist.
  • Gain more accurate and consistent information with unified data. Each tag on a web page generates data for a specific web app. Perhaps, three of those tags track revenue from the page. However, it’s not unusual for each tag to capture revenue in a slightly different way, in which case, the three web apps tracking revenue are all using different data. With Launch by Adobe, marketers can define how the data — revenue, in this case — is captured and then point their marketing tools to that same correct data point. Launch by Adobe also allows marketers to determine when marketing tools enter — or don’t enter — the customer experience and allows those marketing tools to take actions together and share data with one another.
  • Find and deploy integrations faster than ever before. Finally, Launch by Adobe’s new interface lets brands browse, configure and deploy web apps from Adobe and third-party developers easier than ever before. Third-party developers are empowered to share the integrations they’ve built in the Launch by Adobe Extension Catalog. So, instead of brands sifting through help documentation to find the code needed to get a technology up and running, they can now easily find and deploy integrations in a matter of a few clicks. Today, we’re adding several new extensions from leading technology providers including 33 Sticks, Clicktale, Decibel Insight, DialogTech, Dun & Bradstreet, Evidon, ForeSee, LinkedIn, PebblePost, QuestionPro, and TrustArc.
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Today, tag management is no longer about tags — it’s about composing the right data to serve great experiences. Leveraging an open and extensible solution that can integrate, unify, and organize data will give brands more options for impacting and delivering the best experiences to customers. Launch by Adobe is generally available today to Adobe Experience Cloud customers at no additional charge. Access will be granted on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit: http://www.adobe.com/enterprise/cloud-platform/launch.html.

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