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I was lucky to have grown up in nature. As a child, our backyard sloped down into miles of untouched woods with a brook and vines to swing on.

During the summer, my friends and I would get lost in nature and our imaginations until our mothers called us in for dinner. During the winter, the hill leading to the brook made for an exciting and obstacle-ridden sled ride.

Protect our precious environment.

What is it about being in nature that is primordial and comforting?

Today, a 10-minute walk from my house begins a milelong wooded path. I go there when I’m feeling particularly drained and out of sorts. Once I enter the trail and become enveloped by the woods my whole being is transformed.

It’s like the weight of the world falls off my shoulders. The furrow in my brow relaxes as the outside corners of my mouth slightly curl up. I can breathe and I’m aware of my breath and the sound of the birds and scurry of squirrels playing in the trees.

I am in awe of the sights and sounds and my body immediately returns to homeostasis. Nature is a cure-all. I am relieved and fully recovered from the stress and demands of modern day life.

Engage all of your senses.

The act of touching a tree or blade of grass, taking your shoes off and massaging your feet into the grass, dipping a toe in the ocean or a stream or caring for a potted plant at home are all examples of ways to return to nature.

Nature is good for you and there are studies to prove it.

Take a moment to visit a park, the beach or the woods and just be in the present moment.

Let nature speak to you and care for you.

Listen to what it has to say. Allow it to lead you to your innate wisdom and true self so that you return to the modern world re-energized and at ease.

J. Opeka


Yoga. Every. Day.


Words by: JanelOpekaYoga ~ Photos by: DeanPaganiPhotography

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