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Hi Year 4 parents

We are fast approaching the end of the year - but we are still busy with our learning.

We have been examining the water cycle in more detail, in particular the changing states of matter. The children are gradually moving from seeing the process as linear to circular. This week in home learning they are challenged with discovering where water changes matter in their homes. Expect to spend time looking in freezers, at air conditioners and boiling water.

The children were excited to take part in a water filtration challenge as they developed a plan to develop drinkable water using set materials.

We have two groups of learners taking action at the moment and they have asked me for your help.

William and Jamie are helping to organise a book swap for the Year 3 and 4 classes on Thursday, May 25 at lunch time.

Children wanting to part in the book swap are asked to donate 2 books at snack or before school to Year 4G by tomorrow. These books should be items from your child's library that they are comfortable with another child keeping. For each book your child donates, they will receive a ticket which enable them to 'buy' a book from the swap. Leftover books will be donated to Universal Friendship School in Cambodia.

Our book swap is going to take place in our pod on May 25 during lunch. Children can only take part if they have tickets.

With summer coming around the corner the book swap is a great way for children to replenish their library before the holidays.

A message from Tai:

A message from Tai

Until next week,

Ms Stephanie

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