Showcase 2020 Towson High School


We are thrilled to share this important school tradition with you. Our past Showcase was a full take over of the THS gym with hundreds of artworks lining the floors, walls, and bleachers. The initial disappointment of not holding this year’s event has been felt by so many of our students looking forward to sharing their artwork with family and friends, but thanks to a dedicated team of National Art Honor Society members and officers, we are presenting Showcase 2020 digitally. Our hope is to use this platform to share the artwork beyond our school walls and to remind all that despite the challenges of today, Towson High School artists have a creative spirit that endures.

National Art Honor Society Year in Pictures

Delaney Seitz, Evyn Bartkowiak, Erin Blanco, Maggie Courtney, Annie Riley, Annie Riley, Gobi Sovich, Talia Bauland, Rick Walllace, Delaney Seitz, Talia Bauland, Amare Goldring, Soma Hebbar

"The portfolio that stands out the most to me is Lyla Kline’s sustained investigation on communication and friendship. Lyla’s “abstract map sculpture” demonstrates her ability to creatively and skillfully interweave materials to tell a beautiful story about friendships that span the globe. Lyla’s work is an inspiration to me as we find new ways of being together." -Ms. Culbertson, Assistant Principal Towson High School

"I really liked Jemma Miller-Breetz’s cityscape photos from her portfolio. I was drawn to her sense of angles and depth and how she uses light and shadow to create contrast and a unique perspective for her audience."- Mr. Stevens, Assistant Principal Towson High School

Joyce Zheng, Abigael Coburn, Andrew Jenkins, Andrew Jenkins, Delaney Seitz, Delaney Seitz, Eden Jenkins, Ellie Cline, Natalie Frank, Hadia Maqsood, Kun Feng, Jenna Paraska, Neveah Nelson, Mara League, Maia Dalton, Nick Schorr, Rachel Young, Sophie Bouton
Andie Aloi, Annie Riley, Hadia Maqsood, Natalie Frank, Rebecca Kleeman, Rebecca Kleeman
Amare Goldring, Amare Goldring, Artemis Rosenblum, Emma Bisson, Emma Owens, Fanny Demshak-Geddes, Samantha Zellweger, Trip Sheridan
Olga Romero, Delaney Seitz, April Goldring, Andie Aloi, Adam Hudacek, Annie Riley, Rick Wallace, Eden Jenkins, Elena Aungst, Emma Donnelly, Evie Calwell, Graham Stockard, Jason Le, Leonor Lafitte, Lola Cavers, Rachel Young, Ra’Merra Allen, Sarah Maltizki, Sophia Brown, Soma Hebbar
Jenisha Paudel, Jenna Paraska, Sofia Milliner-Angel, Trip Sheridan
Bella Ehrhardt, Gabi Sovich, Artemis Rosenblum, Emily Traband, Emily Traband, Emily Traband, Emily Traband, Andie Aloi, Shirisha Paudel, Soma Hebbar, Bella Belmont, Caroline Christenson, Drew Conboy, Elise Quebedeux, Michaela Acton, Michaela Acton, Michaela Acton, Emily Traband, Emily Traband, Natalie Frank, Kun Feng, Liam Naughton, Olivia Felix, Talia Bauland, Rachael Saeli, Samantha Zellweger, Teddy Tang, Teddy Tang, Natalie Frank, Zharia Brown

National Art Honor Society Animation Committee presents:"Broken" created by: Anna Franz, Joyce Zheng, Amna Maqsood, and Linna Zhu

"I appreciated being able to view the talent portrayed by the designs. The creations are representative of the student’s personal experiences. Such talented artists to match a talented group of educators. To put this together in a digital format is not only commendable, it speaks volumes of what our students and talented artists are able to accomplish. – So excited for these future artists, creators, and leaders!" - Ms. Dimino, Principal Towson High School