Star Wars rebels season three finale By cameron risner

Star Wars rebels season three finale showed some of one of the most major battles in the star wars time line, it also showed ow many ships and rebels were lost. This episode showed how the parts that the rebels scavenged saved their lives. Grand Admiral Thrawn had pushed the rebels back down to the surface of the planet they had as their base, as they were trying to get to Yavin 4 the main rebel base. As the rebels landed back on their base thrawn was putting his fleet and his command ship the (Imperial class star destroyer MK II) Vendetta into formation for an orbital bombardment. This in the show was one of the most worrying moments for the rebels, because the shield generator core they had gotten was starting to overheat this later would remove any evidence they were here. This episode was a great season finale because this was one of the major turning points in the galactic civil war . If you are Star Wars fan and loved legends this show would be great for you Ive read most of the Star Wars books out there and have loved legends I also have loved this show because it has shown the creation of two major star fighters and how they came into play.

Created By
Cameron Risner


Created with images by Adam Purves (S3ISOR) - "LEGO Star Wars AT-DP Compared with AT-AT"

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