Creative Campus Collaboration Recap at the University of Arizona EMPOWERING DIGITAL CREATIVITY FOR STUDENTS AND FACULTY ACROSS CAMPUS and preparing GRADUATES for the Digital Disruption




15 passionate speakers share Multiple perspectives


What is the Creative Campus Collaboration?

The Creative Campus Collaboration started mid-2015 with a gathering of schools who had the strategic vision to provide access to Adobe's Creative Cloud to all of their students on campus. These schools had the desire to foster creativity in learning using digital tools as a core skill set. They saw the need to improve student outcomes and stimulate critical thinking in learning. Creativity for non-creatives, regardless of areas of study and degree path. Providing students a personalized "digital makerspace" to create content instead of consuming it. These collaboration events bring together multiple stakeholders on campus who represent the academic and administrative leaders. They share best practices with the goal of bringing Digital Literacy to all students; focusing on learning experiences and student outcomes.

Each one of the institutions who presented during the day did so from different perspectives. Each institution shared their story through the various stakeholders who are actively involved in transforming the student experience on campus.





The University of Arizona is in its 2nd year of providing individual subscriptions to Creative Cloud for 18,000 students.

Multiple perspectives combined to share a complete story what being a Creative Campus looks like for the University of Arizona.

Dr. Robert C. Robbins

President of the University of Arizona

The 22nd president of the University of Arizona seeks to prepare students for their dream careers as well-educated, civically engaged leaders in our rapidly changing, technologically advanced world.

Welcome by Vincent J. Del Casino, Vice President, Academic Initiatives and Student Success and presentation by Melody Buckner, Director of Digital Learning and Online Education



Temple University is an Adobe Creative Campus who provides up to 8,000 students personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud

CIO Driving Dreativity Across Campus

Cindy Leavitt - Vice President for Computer Services & Chief Information Officer

UNC Chapel Hill is an Adobe Creative Campus who provides all students personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud

Digital Literacy for a Modern Age

The Faculty perspective

Digital Literacy Across the UNC Chapel Hill Curriculum

Todd Taylor

The Student perspective

Creativity is not simply a set of skills. Creativity is not simply familiarity with a set of behaviors or facility with a set of pre-fab strategies. Creativity is not simply a body of knowledge. Creativity only manifests when a person with the right sets of skills and knowledge invents or finds an appropriate problem that cannot be solved using any existing approach, but which is amenable to solution by that person's unique set of experiences.

Jake is a senior at Washington State University and is pursuing a degree in Communication with an emphasis in journalism and media production at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

There is more to this video and story than meets the eye. Critical thinking, creativity combined with a plan, goals, and execution made this an experience of a lifetime for Jake.


Perspective from Undergraduate Studies

The University of Utah is an Adobe Creative Campus who provides all students personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud


The University of Miami is an Adobe Creative Campus who provides all students personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud

The University of Miami becomes an Adobe Creative Campus and shares how and why they arrived at this new beginning for their students. They also shared how the library is becoming the place where Digital Skills are powering a new generation of creative communicators.

  • Kelly Miller, Associate Dean for Learning & Research Services
Morgan H. McKie, Multimedia Specialist and Graduate Student

Graduate Student perspective

Clemson University is the first Adobe Creative Campus providing all students personal subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud and the home of the first Adobe Digital Studio in the Clemson Cooper Library
" Today's students are digital natives, but that does not mean they are also Digitally Literate, Digitally Fluent and Electrate. In order to make a real difference in the digital world, these skills are critical. " - Dr. Jan Holmevik

Dr. Jan Holmevik, Associate Professor, Digital Rhetorics, Faculty Senate President-Elect

Shauna Chung (PHD Student)

Perspective from the Chair of the English Department

& he brought a drone to the presentation!

Faculty Driven Student Excellence: Reaching for the Cloud at the University of Florida

  • Sid Dobrin, Professor and Chair in the Department of English and Director of the Trace Innovation Initiative

The General Education Perspective

The Boston University Hub: An Ecology of Curriculum Development

  • Matthew Trevett-Smith, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jason Prentice, Lecturer, CAS Writing Program & Core Curriculum


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