Mr Eli's home for peculiar children the untold story of 41 Hillcrest.

Prologue: This is Viet's first decent photo project. Enjoy :)

Our home lies on a hill that is considerably isolated from civilization. So it would feel quite normal to feel lonely and strangled most of the time here.

Feel lonely looking at this?

Not just me. Everyone in this house feels lonely from time to time.

Dinner with me anyone?... No?

It's often rumoured that those who can stay inside the room all day possess either extreme mental fortitude or mental illnesses. The room itself is so lethargic that most people spend their time outside. And more so because there is no wifi.

sleep - study (& take med) - rest - repeat

Other lonely souls include those who want to catch wifi but too lazy to go down to dining hall, so they have to go outside their rooms to do it.

Weird to you, but normal to us.

Or those who harbor crippling self-doubt and pessimism...

Rain brings sorrow, does it not?

Other lonely souls include the ones about to leave the place - those who need quietude to focus.

A level got them like

That's why some of them adopt very peculiar studying poses, like this

But solitude isn't your only friend here. We got quite a few other interesting friends at our sleeve. Let me show you :)

The most notorious bully in Mr Eli's home is Food quality. Ugly in appearance, horrible in character. Simply an incorrigible kid. When I first came here I was beaten up like a dog by him.

Nonetheless, he has been getting slightly friendlier over the years, but instant noodle of various kinds still remain our best friend when we cannot take Food anymore.

I think we do eat more noodle than rice

Another child in here one simply can't forget: Study. Study is at heart a nice kid. She tries to be nice and welcoming, but still, at the bottom of our hearts we all know we don't like her. Nonetheless, everyone tries to be her best friend in one way or another, otherwise we would not be here, in Mr Eli's home.

Studying can indeed be nice and interesting sometimes. But for most of the time one would not be too overfond of seeing her.

Seriously who finds studying interesting??

I don't like studying, I'm befriending her because I have a scholarship. So as much as I try to, I always have some antidotes to protect myself from being overwhelmed by Studying (which can be spotted here and there on my tabletop)

That blue book? My Korean practice book

Cleanliness is another friend that we wish we could have in our home but we couldn't. She comes as quickly as she leaves and i have only seen her 3 times this year. She escapes after every single attempt to clean up the place, and never to be found again until the next cleaning session.

I swear this is one of the better time already

There's a friend who we hope to get better really soon. His name is Facility. Currently he is feeble and he falls sick every now and then, so he couldn't do much. He has been sick like this since 2009, and no sign of recovery coming at all.

If only these were found in the boarding gym

So where do you escape to with all these awful friends hanging around?

Most common solutions include:

1, Watch anime/youtube/movies.

2, DotA/LoL/Overwatch/etc.

3, Simply don't stay inside the house until roll call.

Keep your mind occupied

You might think Mr Eli's home for peculiar children is a horrid little place. But it needs not be. As the saying goes: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

There's always hope my friend

Boarding is not all that bad seriously. Although it does feel like bukit timah prison most of the time, it is definitely one of the better boarding schools in Singapore. I feel really fortunate to live here to be honest. There are many good things to look forward to.

At the entrance to boarding school, we have very friendly uncles at the guard-house, who often say hi to you when you go out, as well as give you laundry slip. The uncles laugh a lot, and it really brights up your day.

"Ah boy taking picture of me ah?"

As friendly as they are, they take their job seriously as well. They are those who we call if there is a blackout in the middle of the night, or if we cannot open the matrix card operated doors and elevators.

Safety lies in their hands.

At ground floor every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Introducing the laundry aunty :) Even though she looks frustrated and nasty, if you care to talk to her, you would find out that she is a very kind and caring person.

She makes sure all your laundry is properly sent and received

Also at ground floor, we have a super nice dining-hall aunty. She serves breakfast and sometimes lunch/dinner. She usually talks to me in Chinese so i can improve, and she says she is quite happy working here

"Ah boy, you want shenme?"

To add on, throughout Mr Eli's home, the cleaning aunties and uncles here are very nice people. They always say "hi!" and smile to you. Sometimes I have some nice little conversations with them when i walk past them along the corridor. If not doing their work, they are often resting on the wooden benches around Mr Eli's home.

An uncle looking at the beautiful view from our balcony
Our favourite Malay uncle taking a nap after lunch
They work hard as well

Most of them come to boarding very early in the morning, and often leave at around 4pm. They talk a lot, and very likely you can catch their conversation at the ground floor even when you stand at fourth floor. And they are quite fashionable if you don't see them in their usual green working clothes.

They come and leave in style

People aside, we also have nice and neat corridors, which also happen to be the liking of the mynah (the black bird with a yellow beak?).

Very nice and wide corridors.

What is more important, is that we have a spectacular view from the corridors and balconies.

Hostel of a thousand stars it is.

Aside, we also have many friends from outside, like this hornbill trying to build a nest on one of the trees or this squirrel eating a mandarin given by a guard.

But there is something peculiar about our house. Something rather creepy...

Most of the light are turned off for financial reason. But that is ok. What is peculiar is that sometimes, if not most of the time, only a few light would function. And.... that makes going to the toilet at night quite a brave feat.

dare you

Due to the lack of lighting, the corridors at night often feature quite a large number of shadows and other unidentifiable figures (who, you better wish, are your friends).

Silent Hill at 41 Hillcrest

The only light source are those from inside the room

Can you see?

Luckily we have moonlight every now and then. So boarding is not so scary sometimes.

Werewolves anywhere?

The good thing is, the sun will still rise in the morning, so one need not be frightened by the mysterious nightlife here at 41 Hillcrest.

In Mr Eli's home, we have solitude, mystery, hope and dream all blend together in one bittersweet flavor. Sure, everyone would like to leave it , but then, thinking back, hadn't we had interesting years dwelling in here?

Until next time :)

Acknowledgement: The Spark version you are looking at now probably would not exist if it had not been for the help of my friends and seniors, whose comments I dearly treasure and incorporate into my project. Thank you all wholeheartedly.

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