• An aspiring content creator and performer. I am here to learn the basics/foundation of editing and creating animations as well as video making. Having your work come to life is very rewarding in my opinion. I have an interest in everything that allows me to create therefore in a wide range of the arts and communications. In the future, I see myself working in the media either broadcasting such as radio to be a host or be in front of the camera/stage or in the field of public relations where it is more professional and corporate. Thus helping maintaining good reputation of the organisation that i will work in.
ASSIGNMENT 1: One-Minute Video
Mindmap Idea
sTOP MOtion!

Viral Content: Excercise 2 [Anti-Drug Abuse]


What are Gateway Drugs?

Gateway drugs are substances that allows a person to experiment to harder, more hazardous medications. These milder substances, for example, nicotine or liquor, are accepted to open the way to harsher drugs, for example, meth, heroin and cocaine, which can prompt enslavement. These drugs help to elevate dopamine levels, which brings an ecstatic feeling to the individual. Consequently, this class of medications readies the cerebrum for a reaction to different substances, a procedure known as cross-refinement. This uplifts the mind's action and could make clients desire more grounded substances.

Gateway Drugs [] :

Alcohol: Alcohol essentially affects the central nervous system depressant which weakens your brain function.

Marijuana: People are still debating whether marijuana is a gateway drug. Many believe marijuana can help increase tolerance to stronger drugs

Prescription Drugs: Prescription drugs are connected to heroin use. Heroin is a “synthesized opioid” which brings possiblities to cut with other prescription drugs, to get a stronger buzz.

Nicotine: They have also studied how nicotine increases the levels of FosB, a gene in your brain where it is associated with cocaine addiction.



1. Learn some Coping Mechanisms such as Art therapy or gyming.
2. Be in the right crowd. Peer pressure can kill. Sometimes.
3. Abstinence - have a strong wilpower to stop whatever will lead to worst thing

Should weed be considered a drug?

It is possible as suppose to say that milk is also a gateway drug, due to the amount of people drinking milk, later in their life they will consume beer, later on a stronger alcohol. However there is no substance such as nicotine, or any other drug, that will lead the user on to using other drugs. Trying beer would not actually make you crave for heroin etc. In my own viewpoint, due to the fact that cannabis is considered a safe, harmless and mild compared to most other drugs, many people will take that instead of heroin as a first time trying a drug. On the other hand if cannabis did not exist, others would start a try on substances such as meth and eventually leading to heroin in the end. Therefore to a certain extent it is not necessarily true.




Mobile App Assignment:

This is the homepage to the application. As you can see there are 4 buttons: Fit buddies, Inspiration, Selfie and Login Rewards. The reason why we call it SocialFit is because this is an application where you can interact with other fitness junkies following their activities. Essentially it is Spotify and Facebook together.
Friends List.
From the friends lists you can see what music they are listening to at the moment coinciding with what type of fitness workout they are doing.
The Inspiration page follows an algorithm where the system finds the people with the most workout progress and see how they have achieved their fitness goals. It is to motivate those who just started in the path of following a healthy lifestyle.
The Login Rewards is treated as another to motivate people's fitness goals. Their points will be competed with others in their friends list. A healthy competition between their peers. Plus, with more points, you will get coupons for your cheat day!
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