Gun control in America By Neilmarc Garcia

The United States need stricter gun laws. These laws could prevent many terrible situations in each State. Some States already have some strict rules, but others have barely, which is a problem for some people. The people within those states are okay with it and others are not. They think their kids aren’t safe in public place. How would you feel if you know you might be in a place with someone with a gun, that you don’t know.

Many deaths are caused by gun related situations. Guns deaths were the 12th leading cause for all deaths. About 464,033 gun related deaths were suicides, homicides, and unintentional deaths. With less guns, deaths by gun related situations would drop. This would be a very good thing, because it wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Don't make fun of him in class

Anyone could buy a gun so easily, it’s legal in certain States. States like florida have barely any laws when it comes to guns. You could buy a gun at a parking lot without a background check. So that would mean a criminal could just go out and buy any gun from anyone. If it’s so easy we have a higher chance for someone to go shoot up a public place.

A lot of people could argue that guns are for our protection. This is wrong because we wouldn’t need guns for our protection if it wasn’t so easy to get one. If people need guns for protection, everyone should then have one for each household. Not everyone likes guns, so how would they protect themselves.

Overall we should have stricter gun laws in every state, so that we can prevent guns going to the wrong hands of people. Having less guns will lower down deaths by the most. In some cases, children accidentally get their hands on guns and shoot themselves on accident. We wouldn’t want any of this to happen again.

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