Technical Support Mechanism Blossom for TSM


The TSM has a very specific scope: to support UNAIDS in providing high quality technical assistance to accelerate progress towards achieving Fast-Track Targets and the 2016 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS response goals. The brand perception of the TSM needs therefore to be of a technical and trustable entity, building the capacity of partners and at same time with a very human objective: reaching the most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, fast and effectively. To create this brand positioning, which features two kinds of souls, one more "technical" and one more "human", where the fact of being technical is the TSM's added value, we have worked combining graphic elements and impactful pictures, to create a unique and recognizable identity.

The Technical Support Mechanism works with people: consultants, politicians, civil society representatives, NGO workers, project implementers and beneficiaries. For the construction of the TSM brand identity we have therefore started from them, the people.

People always live in a context. And that environment quite often greatly contributes to specific situations or behaviors, due to given traditions or practices.

We have started from these two elements: the human and the human body and the natural elements where he/she lives daily.

Matching these two elements we have created a wavy element, made of multiple lines, and becoming the base of the TSM brand identity graphic elements. It is a changing wave. Sometimes it goes straight, sometimes it accelerates, sometimes it embraces people, sometimes it explores and chooses the right path. It represents, in a way, the technicality of the Support, its analytical capacity, its ability to identify the right needs and find the best solution. It is a positive wave, a virtuous cycle, able to touch many projects, various people, different countries. It is a positive wave towards progress.

Logo and corporate identity

This wave is present in the TSM logo, taking from the T to the M, and coming back, recalling the concept of the TSM strategic learning virtuous cycle. At the same time it is clean and clear.

The font is Avenir, in order to be consistent with UNAIDS's font, while the colour palette used a light blue, transmitting a sense of trust, of UN and science/technicality. It is accompanied by yellow and orange, to communicate positivity.

Communication materials

The icon set and all the corporate materials will feature the wave and the "wave style", in terms of mood and cleanness.

The wave will also allow to communicate serious and technical concepts in a smart way, taking the shape, possibly, of the concept expressed with the text.

Illustrative approach

Photographic approach

Approach 1

Approach 2

Alternative options

Alternative palette

In the alternative colour proposal, the tone and the hue of the colour blue have been modified to put more emphasis on the “human” side of TSM. Whereas the institutional blue conveys feelings of trust, sincerity and reliability which align with the “technical” qualities of TSM, the lighter blue shade in the alternative proposal speaks more to the “human” side by expressing openness, balance and compassion.

Alternative "wave" approach

The alternative wave proposal revisits the wave concept in a more artistic manner, moving from a linear, flat design to a more textured and multi-shaded one which results in is a bolder and more distinctive brand style.

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