The 2019 Global Technology Report: Ireland Where are the opportunities for Irish non-profits?

The Global NGO Technology Report from Nonprofit Tech for Good and Funraise.org is the only crowdsourced, multilingual survey and report for the NGO sector. Digital Charity Lab was the official Irish partner for the report in 2019.

139 Irish non-profits took the survey in May 2019

Scroll down to see highlighted results from Irish non-profits, and where opportunities exist to get ahead of your competition.


23% of Irish non-profits are not sending any emails

53% are not sending email appeals

Email is a hugely effective channel for building a relationship, demonstrating impact, and converting subscribers to active supporters. Email is cheap, easy to set up and you have much more control than you do with social media.


11% of Irish non-profits do not have a mobile responsive website

39% do not have the ability to accept online donations on their website

Your website is the hub of your online activity, and all websites should accommodate mobile users.


53% are not using Google Ads, despite 87% having the Google Grant

The Google Grant provides up to $10k worth of free search engine ads per month to registered charities; it is an extremely effective channel for reaching a warm audience.


52% do not have a social media strategy

73% are not tracking their return on investment on social media

Social media can be useful for gathering support and fundraising through Facebook's donation tools, but it can also waste a lot of time on posts that don't get any engagement. Developing clear goals and measurement for your social media activity is crucial.


70% are not using Facebook's Fundraising tools

Facebook's Fundraising tools are genuinely transformative - they are activating new donors for many charities, and Facebook are not charging any fees. All charities that are eligible should register for and test these functions.

How Irish non-profits compare to other regions in use of key digital channels

Irish non-profits are behind their peers in using email marketing and Facebook fundraising tools, but ahead in Google Ads.

More information and resources

Read the full report at funraise.org/techreport
Free learning resources for non-profits at www.digitalcharitylab.org

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Thanks to Enclude and The Wheel for supporting this survey in Ireland.