Rhea By Kelly Zheng and Kylie Blann

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Family, Flings,Friends, and Foes

  • Parents: Uranus and Gaea
  • Siblings: the titans
  • Spouse: Cronus
  • Offspring: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia.
  • Flings : lasion
  • Friends: Pelops, the Kouretes, pan
  • Foes: Cronus, Uranus, pyrrhos

Top 10 facts

  1. Fierce animals did not frighten her.
  2. She guards towns.
  3. She does not live with her children on mount Olympus
  4. She is known as the great mother
  5. Her son, Zeus, freed his siblings from Cronus and now rules the world.
  6. Gaea is her mother, who helped her trick Cronus (you will read more later)
  7. Saved her children when Cronus swallowed them.
  8. Cronus and her produced the first generations of Olympus.
  9. She married her brother.
  10. Her father locked her in the underworld.
Uranus and Gaea

Rhea's Parents

Rhea's father was Uranus. Uranus was of the sky, and he was married to Gaea. Uranus and Gaea had very powerful children, including Rhea. In fear of being overthrown, he locked all the children in Tartarus, deep in the earth. Gaea did not agree with this, and she convinced her sons to rebell. Cronus slashed Uranus with a sickle, and the Titans were free.

Rhea's Brother/ Husband

Cronus and Rhea got married and started a family. Uranus and Gaea prophesied that Cronus would be overthrown by one of his children, and Cronus took drastic measures to make sure that didn't happen. The story goes," As each of his children were born, Cronus swallowed the baby whole. One by one, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, and Hades were gulped down by their dad, just moments after birth. Rhea soon grew tired of Cronus's behavior; she wanted her babies! Rhea turned to her mother, Gaea, who helped her devise a plan. When her next child Zeus was born, Rhea hid him away in a cave. She then presented Zeus with a stone wrapped in a baby blanket. Cronus didn't look at the stone; he just plopped it in his mouth and swallowing, just as he had his other children. Zeus was safe! Zeus later helped free his siblings, the waged a war against Cronus, called the Titanomachy. Zeus and the other Olympians won the war, and the Titans who had opposed him were once again imprisoned in Tartarus for their defiance. " ( Brotherly Love, Mythopedia she's all that, page107)

Rhea giving Cronus the "baby."

The Titans

The Titans included, Rhea, Phoebe, Theia, Tethys, Mnemosyne, and Thermis. Did you know, the element Titanium was named in 1795 by Martin Heinrich kalaproth after the Titans of mythology? It is earths 9th most abundant metal.

Rhea's symbol is the lion.

Mother's Day

The holiday, Mother's Day, is based on the springtime feast, honoring the mother of all gods, Rhea. People would make offerings of honey-cakes, fine drinks, and flowers at dawn.

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