Fridge Nocturne Don mckay

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Fridge Nocturnal filled me with a very settling and calming feeling of imagination. It reminds me of whenever I used to have lucid dreams and sleep paralysis and I would be dreaming but somehow in reality at the same time, it was quite strange to be brought back to these memories. I think the purpose of this poem is to show the difference between reality and dreams and how there really isn't a distinct divide between the two. Don McKay really likes to add aspects of the natural world and relate them to things so supernatural, and out of this world. It makes his poems confusing at times if you have never experienced this time of shift in reality but for me, who has actually experienced this, it was amazing to relive it.

Why Fridge?

While reading this poem, even though I understood what he was referring to, I found the idea of the fridge so confusing. Why did he choose to use the object of a fridge in his poem? It is such a random object that I would never think to add into a piece of writing but then I really had to get out of my own head and look at it differently. A fridge really is a door with a light, that's how simple it is. In this poem, he is associating the fridge with the ability to let your imagination run free late at night or, while you're sleeping. The fridge door opens itself up to all these journeys and imaginations throughout the night that you may not have access to within your regular day.

When it is late, and sleep..

Late at night is a huge theme in this poem. A lot of Don McKay's poems use sleeping and dreaming and I do understand why. As a writer, I do feel the best time to write is late at night because your mind isn't fully awake, you are able to think in a more creative way and your mind becomes more open to the craziest of possibilities. I think Don McKay understands this concept and this is why his writing really comes alive.

like the river you're far from, the Saugeen, the Goulais, the Raisin muddily gathers itself in pools to drop things in and fish things from,

I do believe that this part of the poem is referring to a dream, or another reality. As I said, he likes to use real elements which would be the fridge and associate with unrealistic elements of the supernatural.

armless weeping willow of the kitchen, Humble murmur, it works its way

There are two of my favourite lines because I think these two have the coolest meaning. Both of them relate to noise and I think the murmur of a fridge is a very peculiar sound because it is always there, without you noticing. I think it this poem, the murmur of the fridge is what keeps Don McKay or whoever is in the poem is what is keeping the bridge from the reality and the unreal alive. If there was no sound or no murmur, it would be easy to slip into a reality and not being able to find your way back home. The sound is a bridge that keeps him from crossing complete over to the supernatural element of the poem.


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