a reflection Will harden

Dear Ms. Moody,

This course has launched me into a different side of composition and english that I never thought I'd experience. While it personally has been stressful and time consuming because of my involvement with other things, I've learned to REALLY enjoy it. I didn't realize how many specifics came in to producing well structured text, but the CARP principles really showed me how. I think you (and those principles) did a great job showing me how to compose properly and in a certain structure while keeping it abstract and free.

Since I do enjoy writing about my opinions and passions, the "academic research" side of it is obviously not that exciting for me. There was nothing that I necessarily didn't understand about it, but I'd have to say finding, implementing, and citing my sources within my essays was definitely time consuming and something I didn't look forward to. I found it difficult. I also found it difficult trying to implement and talk about direct sources and facts for my subjective opinion when there are just as many direct sources and facts for the opposing opinion. That made me push to write persuasively more than I've ever done, which I appreciate, but found definitely difficult.

An example of mine that I struggled with was during my last essay entitled "different." Bible verses are the biggest reason for disagreeing with homosexuality, but I tried to use different bible verses to actually contradict that. I really wanted to persuade and inform, and I spent a lot of time making sure it was well composed and thought out.


let's get persuasive and creative!

Writing for computer screens was definitely nothing I have ever done before, so it was a learning experience I came to enjoy. Although it's much more stressful to design, the outcome is one I like to see more-so than a regular paper. Specifically, though, similar to stated above, the most difficult part of designing online essays is incorporating website and video links within paragraphs. It makes a weird break that you have to work around, and you have to put it in such a way that it should make the reader become eager to click on it to see what it leads to.

With all of THAT comes making sure your paragraphs aren't bulky to where it makes the reader bored at first glance. It makes me, as the author, busy trying to state all of my opinions, facts, and words coming to my head but having to think about keeping it "pretty" and enjoyable to see. It made my brain multitask on the spot, which made these online essays much more challenging than regular ones..

In my opinion, I really like this program we use. I wrote my digital essay about college degrees on word document and it made designing it MUCH more difficult. It took me long periods of time to just make a title that was eye-catching without just giving it a font and moving on, and it's almost impossible to make picture really look interesting and fitting. I think all digital essays should be based on this program because it not only makes things easier, but it looks more appealing.

- personal -

If there were something I needed to work on, it'd be time management. I've been busy this semester being in GSU's Chicago the Musical, and I feel like I personally could have produced better work for you to see with stronger opinions and reasoning by prioritizing my time and events better.

everything's easier with passion

While I did rush many things, I find that when I write something I'm passionate about, the work I produce is still extremely solid. No matter how long of a time period I have, if it's personal, my fingers feel like fire across the keyboard and it makes my research enjoyable and true, along with my designs being pleasing. Writing about these passions is where I think I display the most strengths, because I came out of my shell and wrote about controversial topics not knowing your initial opinion.


This course truly was great and an extremely valuable learning experience. I want to personally thank you for allowing me to write about personal issues and my passions. It makes a course not just a course, but something entertaining and healthy for the mind. Thank you for setting aside your opinions to read, understand, and fairly grade all of our personal posts, no matter if it contradicts yours or not.


Will Harden


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