Cultural Contracts Panel - Call Out Wales Culture Alliance

In August 2020, in response to the devastating effect of the Coronavirus pandemic the Welsh Government announced £53m emergency funding for the arts in Wales.

They also announced an important condition – that any creative, arts and cultural organisations who wanted some of that emergency funding would have to commit to a ‘Cultural Contract’.

Signing up to delivering this Cultural Contract means making a real and ambitious commitment to making the arts fairer and more democratic – not just something created by the funded organisations we've all heard of, but something made by and for everyone and anyone.

The Wales Culture Alliance is a group of people who are passionate about the arts, and who have been commissioned by Arts Council of Wales to form a picture of what these Cultural Contracts should say and include.

For example, who is missing from today’s arts? What’s a fair wage for a sound engineer? Should there be different rules for big and small organisations? What real effect can our work have on climate change? What should happen if a company breaks its promise?

In other words, although this pandemic has been devastating for the arts in some ways, it has also given us a massive opportunity to rebuild our industry better.

What can I do?

We have just issued a call out for proposals to help frame the conversation and now we are looking for people who would like to join a panel to decide which proposals should be financially supported by the Wales Culture Alliance.

If you are interested in joining the decision-making panel please provide a few details...

The panel will be selected to ensure a diverse and representative cross-section of the diverse communities across all of Wales, as well as areas of interest and knowledge.

We welcome applications from individuals from across our communities, but do not encourage senior leaders from arts organisations to apply for this role.

We will pay £25 an hour to anyone not on a full time salary within the arts and cultural sector and will pay for any costs you have around access needs.

We anticipate that the panel will need to work for approximately 10 hours during the week starting Tuesday May 11th.

Deadline for expressions of interest Monday 10th May 2021.

Please take a look at these call out documents for proposals before you apply to sit on the decision-making panel (so that you understand what you will be selecting) and also please note that you cannot submit a proposal AND apply to be on the selection panel (please choose where your energy would be best placed).

Any questions please contact walesculturealliance@gmail.com