R&R news Issue 2


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Hi everyone, this is Racheli’s and Reggie’s newspaper.This was created when we were in sixth grade for current events.In this newspaper we will include: Science,arts,politics,sports,international news and more! we really hope you enjoy our AWESOME newspaper and all the fun stuff inside!

From Reggie and Racheli

Weekly comic

This comic is talking about how when Donald Trump became became president he wanted all of the illegal immigrants to move to Mexico. Not only did he do that but made a lot of celebrities go to Canada.

Quote of the week

Is Hermione Granger you're favorite character

If so then why?

Weekly game!

TO do complete This game you will have to read the articles that have a star next to it. Look for words in bold these words are the words that aRe hard to understand. Once you understand the words try to simplify these words in the easiest fOrm. There are 5 words you will have to make five sentences using these words in easiEst form. Then email me Or racheli submitting youre answers. ( the prizes are the same as last week).

Created By
Reggie & Racheli 6G


Created with images by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com - "Breaking News!"

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