🅰🅱©'s of Africa Nikolas Myers

A-Addis Abbaba is the capitol of Etheopia
B- Berbers are ancient native people of africa
C- Cape town is the 2nd largest city in south africa
D- Drakensburg is a mountain range along the coast of africa thats 1000 kilometers long
E- Ethiopian Highlands is a mountanous area in ethiopia
G- Giza is an egyptian city on the bank of the west nile
H- Horn of africa is a horn shaped region of africa
J- Johannesburg is the largest city in africa
K- Kalahari Deser is a desert in southern Africa covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa.
L- Lagos is the former capital of Nigeria, and the second largest city in Africa.
M- Madagascar is a large island off the southeastern coast of Africa, madagascars wildlife has lemurs, lemurs are nowhere else than madigascar.
N- namib desert is a cool desert stretching along the southwestern coast of namibia.
O- Orange River is the longest river in south africa, flowing 1367 miles from the drakensberg to the atlantic ocean.
R- Red Sea is a sea separating northeastern africa from the arabian peninsula
S- sud is a large swamp in south sudan formed by part of the nile river its so thick with floating vegetation that some boats carry saws in order to clear a channel.
T- Tanganyika Lakeis the longest freshwater lake in the world with 418 miles long
V- Victoria Lake is the largest lake in africa it feeds into the nile river.


Created with images by South African Tourism - "Joburg Nights - South Africa" • D-Stanley - "Prehistoric Rock Paintings" • Sponchia - "lion animal portrait africa" • D-Stanley - "Camps Bay" • sandrapetersen - "south africa drakensburg mountains" • A.Davey - "Gelada Baboon" • NadineDoerle - "egypt desert egyptian temple" • WiseTraveller - "gazelle antelope kudu" • Willie - "johannesburg ponte building architecture" • Bird Brian - "2009-03-18 Kalahara Grootkolk 145" • satanoid - "IMG_0396" • MarkThomas - "lemur coquerel's sifaka sifaka" • Flavia_FF - "sandstorm is beginning, now." • Clint Mason - "Sunrise at the Orange" • papaya45 - "sun hand finger" • D Haisell - "IMG-20130223-00719" • Katatoniq - "Schooling again" • kulnor - "lake misty reflection"

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