Kuwait Food supply and income

Kuwait's data story has been all over the place

As you have seen, there is no apparent trend to the data. Unlike other countries, Kuwait does not have a positive trend. However, for the past years Kuwait has been a poor country. But ever since the gulf war, Kuwait has made a major rebound.

The Timeline

From 61’ to 66’ there was a steady increase

From 66’ to 71’ there was a slight decrease

71 and 72 were the same

From 73’ to 74’ there was a big jump in income

From 75’ to 82’ the food supply increased, and the income stayed around the same, with some slight changes

From 85’ to 89’, the food supply stayed the same, with income changing back and forth

In 90’ and 91’ the income and food supply took a major blow, decreasing incredibly low, lower than the beginning in 61’ during the gulf war

From 92’ to 95’ there was a steady rebuild, and it brought Kuwait back up to par

The food supply stayed roughly the same, but the income decreased a little until 02’

The food supply and income continued to increase up to 2007

The Rebound

See the dip? that's 91 - 92.

Although there was a big blow to the income and food supply, they now sit at a national high. If you look at the data after the war, we can tell that the higher the income, the more the food intake. It looks like safe sailing ahead for Kuwait.


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