Becoming a Radiant Woman Live masterclass: Sept. 18 @ 7 p.m. ct

Hey! Ayo here and thank you for checking out my upcoming masterclass. Before you dig in, I've got a couple of questions for you:

Do you enjoy meeting a female face that looks as if it belonged to a pickle taster?

Ha! Someone's in trouble lol :)

I'm sure you don't!

And don't you hate to see a mouth with its corners drooping down?!

She doesn't look too happy lol!

I certainly do.

Why? Because both are tell-tale signs of the disgust and dissatisfaction its owner harbors in her soul.

Type in the hashtag #radiance on Instagram today and you'll see all kinds of beauty products, face creams, and anti-ageing serums promising feminine radiance. We live in a culture where we are made to believe that radiance can be purchased in a bottle or squeezed out of a tube. Type in the hashtag #blackradiance, and we see women replacing feminine radiance for glitters, crazy eyeshadows, long eyelashes, highlighters, and extra-light concealers

Instagram feed #blackradiance & #radiance

Cosmetics certainly help women become more attractive -- but not enough to create genuine radiance that comes from within. I'm talking about the sort of radiance that's reflected in the sparkle of a woman's eyes, and in the keenness of her expression.

Radiant Thoughts = Radiant Beauty

Like the creative artist, intelligent people today see beauty in what may have been considered plain or 'homely' a hundred years ago. They appreciate plain features when it has humor and vitality, imagination, and a noble character.

They know that real feminine beauty comes from WITHIN, and that plain women of intelligence use modern methods to make themselves look good, indeed, since modern beauty is just as much a skillful job of personal attention as a gift of nature is.

There's nothing more flattering for a woman to hear about herself; "Isn't she charming! She's so alive!"

For you to make such an impression, you must have a keen awareness of life itself and BE RADIANT.

Be a radiant beauty!

Lipstick, blush and mascara may be an attractive veneer when they're done well, but don't expect cosmetics to work miracles. They never do, regardless of what any advertisements say.

Many beautiful faces have been enhanced or marred by the mental attitude or by the general philosophy behind it.

So the question now begs...

What does YOUR face reveal to the world? And...

Is there animation and warmth in it?

And that's what you're going to learn HOW TO ACHIEVE in this upcoming masterclass...

How to Be a Radiant Woman

Feminine Power. Feminine Energy. Feminine Radiance

Feminine Radiance Comes From Within. Learn how below!

Join me Wednesday, September 18, at 7 p.m. CT for my masterclass: How to Be a Radiant Woman. In this class you're going to learn:

  • The one common attribute all charming women possess
  • What the study of a woman's face reveals in good light and without makeup.
  • Two kinds of wrinkles that affect the body and the soul
  • Ideal feminine qualities named most frequently by men in social studies.
  • 9 essentials for becoming radiant
  • How to make your skin glow without beauty products and creams.
  • Why you shouldn't take yourself and life so seriously
  • Why laughter is the best tonic for your face
  • Relaxation techniques to improve feminine beauty and radiance.
  • 10-minute and 30-minute refreshers you can do daily for feminine radiance.
  • And so much more!

Cost for this class is $19 to register. After September 16th, registration increases to $39. To register for this class:

Class includes self-reflection exercises and a private Q & A session so you can hone in on key concepts. Want to save money? Consider becoming a member of The Sensuous Siren community. Learn more about how you can become a member on my website.