Minnewaska Area Schools Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Parents, Community Members, and Teachers


Today's students are digital natives. They are kids who have never known a life without technology. With technology comes entertainment, instant gratification, cognitive overload, distraction, and a limitless audience to share information. It is an exciting time in the world. Technology is ever-changing and allows people to connect in a way never before. It is now difficult to come across a career that doesn't require technical skills. However, it doesn't come without hesitation and caution.

At Minnewaska Area Schools, we believe technology can be used to enhance student learning and engagement. We know technology in education can present challenges. That is why we are committed to continuously working to provide meaningful learning opportunities that integrate technology. Through these instances, we hope students come to understand the benefits of proper technology use. We recognize this does not simply come from classroom activities but also needs to be directly taught. We have adopted digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Education. In the fall of 2016, each grade in K-6 began implementing 5 lessons on digital citizenship. To see examples of this curriculum, please visit this link.

The endless world of technology (internet, games, social media, etc) makes educating our youth about digital citizenship cumbersome and overwhelming. It quickly becomes easy to appoint this responsibility elsewhere. At Minnewaska Area Schools, we believe it truly takes a village to teach and develop children. We want to partner with parents, community members, and teachers to educate and empower ourselves to become better role models of digital use. We are excited to introduce our digital citizenship curriculum for adults!

Minnewaska Area's Technology Integration Specialist, Jodee Lund, has partnered with Nearpod and Common Sense Education to develop digital citizenship curriculum for adults. There are currently four presentations available:

  1. Digital Citizenship: What and Why
  2. Digital Footprints
  3. Parenting Digital Natives
  4. The Three Ss of Digital Citizenship: Social Media, Selfies, and Sexting

We would like to invite all parents and community members to partake in these presentations. This is completely optional but encouraged.

Our Technology Integration Specialist is also willing to lead digital citizenship discussions and presentations to community groups. If interested, please contact Jodee Lund at jlund@isd2149.org.


Nearpod Presentations:

Please ignore the message about filling out the Google Form at the end of the presentation. Thank you!

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