Layering Portraits Megan stoltzfus

For my portrait assignment, I want to capture movement by using the layering postmodern principle. To create the photos, I will take multiple pictures of a subject sitting or standing in the same spot, but in different positions. For example, I might have someone raise their arms a little more for a few successive pictures. After I have taken the picture, I will combine them in photoshop to make one final picture using multiple techniques such as changing the opacity.

Here is an example of the kind of photo I want to create. It shows a woman sitting and making slight movements by moving her hands and skirt. Since all the layers are visible but have a low opacity, you can see the different layers. It also makes her torso seem darker because it has multiple layers overlapping, and her arms seem lighter since they are more on their own.

This is another example of a double exposure layering effect. This one shows a man's head move from the middle to the side. It shows two emotions and two faces, making the photo more interesting and meaningful.

For my pictures, I took pictures of my family and friends. I had them sit or stand in the same spot, but move slightly when I told them to. This way, I captured pictures of them in the same frame but at different poses so I could combine them in photoshop to show movement. I also took a few of me with the self timer.

For my final photos, I created two pictures depicting full body movement and two pictures showing only the head and facial expressions. To make these photos, I changed the opacity so that I could layer multiple pictures together. I wanted to show movement in the pictures. For the first one, I showed my brother falling to the side with five images at different opacities. For the second image, I showed slight movement as my dad was reading. For the third image, I showed my mom moving her face side to side. For the last image, I showed two different facial expressions, and changed the eye color in both to make the image have an eerie feel.

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