To Kill A Mockingbird By: Matt Guinette

Entry 1: Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose's flowers

Point of View: Jem

That old hag Mrs. Dubose, man she just tipped me over the edge. Typically I can just hold my head high and deal with it, but this time was different. She said that thing about Atticus and it really just crossed a line. I know I probably should have kept my cool, but things are tense nowadays with the trial and everything so anything to do with Atticus gets me more mad then usual. In the end, I feel like the punishment I received helped me in a way. It goes back to what Atticus said a few months ago, the fact that you can't understand a person until you walk around in their shoes. I didn't realize what Mrs. Dubose was going through until I saw it first hand. I guess this experience has taught me two things. One, to think before I do and not be so quick to act, and two, to not judge a book by it's cover. Deep down, underneath all that yelling and screaming, Mrs. Dubose is a good person, and I couldn't see that because I was too quick to make assumptions.

Entry 2: The Lynch Mob

Point of View: Atticus Finch

Man that was a close call. I quite honestly was expecting a couple white men to come down here to give Tom a rough time, I mean that is why I was here. But this, this I was not expecting. There had to be at least 20 men, and the best part, they were all drunk so there's no telling what they would have done. But, even though Jem, Scout, and Dill didn't listen, I'm glad they didn't, or else we all know what would have transpired after I was forced away from that jail door. But Scout being the little kind and sweet girl she is started talking to Mr. Cunningham. I'm not gonna ask why she asked him how his legal entailments were going and for him to tell Walter she said hello, but it saved Tom's life and mine as well and I'm happy for that.

Entry 3: Tom's Trial

Point of View: Tom Robinson

Man, why does it have to be this way. The ONLY difference between white people and black people are their skin colors. That's it. We all have the same insides and we all end up buried in the same ground as each other, white or black. But a white man's word is still more reliable? To me that is messed up. The fact that a white girl can claim she was raped by a black man and she is automatically right, even if their is evidence to prove he did not do it. A man's life, ruined, or even potentially terminated, by one accusation on something he didn't even commit. I thought we were gonna change things with this trial though. I really thought Atticus had it. He did everything he could and I do appreciate it. He didn't have to take my case, after all it was an almost certain loss. But he did it anyway, because he believed that I was truly innocent, and that means everything.

Entry 4: Bob attacks Jem and Scout

Point of View: Scout

Who would have thought, a ham costume saving your life. That's one thing you don't see everyday. I have to say, I knew Bob Ewell was a gross and terrible human being, but I really didn't think he would sink to this level, even after he won the case. Like was that not good enough for you? Another thing that I didn't expect was anyone to save us, let alone BOO RADLEY coming to our rescue. The infamous Boo, the man I have been wondering about for a long time. I guess it takes tragedies for good things to happen sometimes. By tragedies of course I mean a man attacking us in the woods at nighttime, not that fact that Bob Ewell is dead. That is no where near a tragedy. In fact, I wouldn't have had that situation end any other way. I finally got to meet the man I have been wondering about for quite sometime, and a pedophile that sexually harassed his own daughter and blamed it on a black man is dead. All-in-all, I'd call it a good day.


I believe from this assignment you can take away multiple important lessons, the most important being the quote from Atticus on page 39, "-You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view." In this assignment we are told to take specific scenes and write a 150 word reflection on what that character would have been thinking during that scene. A lesson to take from this would be when you are out in the real world and someone does something to make you mad or you don't understand why someone is doing something in that way and not your way. Before you jump to conclusions and start criticizing them for it, take a step back and evaluate the situation. Maybe that individual has a reason for doing it that way, or maybe that's the only way they know. So instead of bashing on them, give them a helping hand and make a suggestion. Sometimes it can go a long way.


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