Meet Adam from Zambia A story told by ReSurge surgical outreach partner, Dr. Goran Jovic. Dr. Jovic lives and works in zambia.

When I met Adam, he had just been told that his hands would need to be amputated. Devastated and unwilling to lose his hands, Adam ran away and somehow found himself at Mother Theresa Hospice in Lusaka (where I was working).

A year earlier, Adam had been trapped in a house fire. His hands were severely burned. Following his accident, Adam spent six weeks in recovery. While there, nothing was done to treat his burns except for cleaning them.

When I met Adam, he told me he dreamed of becoming a professional truck driver. Amputation would mean he would not be able to complete school, and would mean he would never get a license. It would be almost impossible for him to hold any job at all, let alone the one he had been working toward.

Seeing the drastic impact surgery and therapy would make for Adam, I made him a deal. I promised that, in addition to performing surgery that would enable him to keep, and use, his hands, I would pay for his driving school fees. In return, he would work hard in physical therapy, to improve his hand functionality. This motivation worked!

Today, Adam can eat with his hands and can wash himself. In March, Adam showed me his official drivers license. This brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy and proud.

I even told Adam that he could be my driver.

Thank you ReSurge for making my job so great!

Photo of Adam taken at ReSurge surgical site in Zambia (March 2017)

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