Encounters Nicole Wong, Max Zeronian

Canoga Ave & Devonshire St. homeless community on the Browns Creek bike path that runs along the Browns Canyon Wash.

Total amount of people: Up to 10 in and out but around 5 people actually live there.

Camp contained tents and bikes but was kept fairly clean. They were picking up after themselves the whole time we were there.

Spent around 1 1/2 - 2 hours there and talked with three people. But they didn't want us to take their photos. Were interesting people so we stayed and got quotes instead. Next time we can probably get some photos.

Homeless community on Canoga Ave and Devonshire St. on the Browns creek bike path. (Max Zeronian)


Lee: Im not a Democrat or Republican but name one good thing the government has done except the Military? What does man do other than kill other men? I've been living here for about 7 months. Been homeless for two years, which is not long compared to some. I have a family, wife and kids in Reno but I haven’t seen them in years. Got evicted out of trailer park. I get my food and eat from food stamps. But food stamps don’t create more jobs, the government doesn’t create new jobs.
Lee: We (homeless community) were living across the street but we got kicked out because the people living in the apartments next to there didn’t want homeless people outside. In the rain everything gets wet but if you do your tent right it shouldn’t. The rain always gets in somehow.
Lee: The cops come sometimes but don’t ticket us. They usually just tell us to get the fuck out. They said it was okay now since its raining but tents usually have to be down from 9-6. Other people we hang around and other people give us a bad reputation. They make it hard to get out of this lifestyle too.


Justin: I live here with my girlfriend. Shes kind of a hoarder thats why my tent is messy. She went to Peru and should be back tomorrow morning. I have a family but they can’t always help out and sometimes I'm too proud to ask for their help.
Justin: There's no excuse for me to be homeless. I'm young and able but I'm lazy and it's hard to get out of this especially with addictions. It’s a cycle. Getting a job is coming up really soon but it's not the job that’s the problem but the place to live and stay at. The hardest part of living out here is meeting basic necessities like showering and staying clean. Ive always had long hair so that's something I have to do.
Justin: We get clothes from the clothes drop down the street so I have a few shirts that are from there. We heard about the shower programs at the Foursquare Church down the street on Canoga but they stopped because they said there weren't enough people, even though there was at least 25 people in line always. We got breakfast there this morning.


Adrian: I talked with a counselor a while ago about going to Pierce College. I wish I had people to tell me things about registering for college then. The best thing you can do is get your college education. If you have kids send them to college.
Adrian: I want a Law degree and to be a Criminal Attorney, but I couldn’t get financial aid when I first went to school and got evicted after my mom's boyfriend at the time left and stopped paying for the bills.
Adrian: The country is in debt to other countries like China and the Middle East when we should be buying within our country and creating jobs. The illegal immigrants have their jobs that they are getting paid for under the table so they are taking our jobs. Isn’t that why people voted for Trump? To have a change and bring back money to the community. The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

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