Graphic Portrait Kaye Cai

Photo chosen
Renaissance Self-portrait


My renaissance self-portrait's background is the Disneyland. in my hand is a magic wand, on my side is a Conan pillow, and a Conan badge. My inspiration is magic world, so as you can see the objects I put in are all manga character or cartoon related. When I try to put all things together, the shadows and clarity are not fit with each other, from this assignment I learn to use Photoshop to drop shadow, change clarity ( make object more vague), and adjust the hue of the photo.

Mr. Melonhead
3 Roughs
Original Portrait
Final image

My surreal portraits's background is a science fiction world with dragons and high buildings.I changed one of my eyes in blue, face with robot's shape, and a mechanical neck. My inspiration is alien's world. The mechanical neck was too bright and learned to drop shadow and distort objects. These skills of using Photoshop can help me to do more surreal picture.

Lights on top of head, looks more sick and gloomy
Front light, looks more flat.
Side light, face outline more outstanding

I learned the different uses of lights, different lighting cause different feeling. I can use this skill for making portrait, use the lighting that fits the environment of the photo.

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