What is changing?

You are going to now have full control over your delivery fees, giving you more control over your profit. With that our cost charged per delivery will be fairly based on where it’s going and not how many deliveries you have.Consistent and scalable.
The rates & structure of all programs are updated to provide you with more flexibility, and for us an opportunity to grow and provide a better quality product.
The Delivery admin portal is going to go through some upgrades. Involving simpler and faster input, and a re-format that will help make sure no vital information is missed.

What will you need to do?

  1. Select from the new available programs.
  2. Provide us with the details of how much you would like to charge customers for delivery for each zone.
  3. Review your ordering Map. (Also emailed to you)

If your POS has the capability we can provide you with the KML (of the coverage map) to upload to your POS system's coverage area manager.

You may want to consult with your IT manager.

The top 8 Reasons we’re making these changes

8 Reasons we’re making these changes
  1. In all cases this new structure becomes more cost effective for your business.
  2. You will now have more control of the overall ticket price. With you having control of your delivery fees it is easier for you to offset the cost of the service. As well as have the authority to comp that fee to customers for whatever reason such as running a special, leverage, or resolving an outlet-originated issue involving a delivery.
  3. This allows us to give you the ability to make our already competitive pricing even more cost effective for you.
  4. It simplifies many processes for both your business and ours. Cost for service is more consistent, transparent, and easier to manage.
  5. This small change will make a big impact on making the order management process for your front of the house staff.
  6. Accounting will be much easier and allows us to have a more straightforward calculations billing and accounts overview.
  7. For us as a business this simplifies parts of our process that were more complicated than they needed to be.
  8. Rates are changing to reflect the increased use of resources during high season and better accommodate current and expected needs, such as more team members and technology improvements

What is NOT changing?

  1. Program payment schedules are still the same, payment prior to service month.
  2. Anything with your online ordering service.


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