My struggle jeremy

My skin is slick

My room pitch black

But my eyes are open.

Old stuff floats at me

Out of the darkness.

It’s a hard enough day.

My stomach goes down

Like an elevator.

I’m sweating from

Under my hair.

I chew through trig

Angles like candy.

My fist is squeezed

I’m grateful

The murderous eyes

Is not directed to me.

Ever since Tariq died, my life has seems to come to a dead end. Tariq was my role model he showed me the path to take for my own advantage. now he is gone everything just went dark because he was my eyes and ears( stanza one). In my neighborhood it is hard to survive without Tariq he was the only one that could stand up for me. I have no choice but trying to survive by myself. I always think of him and his death everyday( stanza 2). Ever since I started hanging out with the kings I felt like my was heading down in the black spiral, its a choice I felt was necessary to do to not be vulnerable( stanza 3). after Jennica broke up with noodle my life got into great danger, since I was the smallest among all members and I've close to Jennica couple times I was the number target on noodle's radar. fortunately I managed to move myself out replacing with jack the man who took Tariq's life. (stanza 4) always stand up for injustice.

Words borrowed from "How it went down"


Created with images by Pexels - "adult chair couch" • kalmankovats - "sunlight sunbeam vibrant" • Chill Mimi - "Going Down" • typographyimages - "headache head ache pain" • Ricard Aparicio - Bellas Ads - "Happy face"

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