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The band is the largest organization on the campus of Lakeside Middle School serving 407 students during the 2021-2022 school year. The goal of our program is to enrich your students life through the performance of music, cultivate community, and to try to attain excellence in all we do! Click the button below if interested in joining!



Reggie Humphrey has recently been appointed the position of Director of Bands at Lakeside Middle School in Cumming, Georgia. His responsibilities include directing and instructing the Symphonic Band, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Beginning Band, and coaching the school’s solos and ensembles. The Lakeside Band Program has grown from 271 to 407 students since the beginning of Mr. Humphrey's appointment as Director of Bands and hired on Mr. Jaron Lehman as the first ever Assistant Director in the program's history. Previously Mr. Humphrey taught at South Forsyth Middle School.

During his time at South Forsyth Middle, the band has received opportunities to perform at the University of Georgia Middle School Honor Band Festival, the Georgia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference, the University of Alabama Middle School Honor Band, and most recently, the Music for All National Concert Band Festival and the Southern Division CBDNA/NBA Conference.

Mr. Humphrey received his bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, GA. During his time as an undergraduate, Mr. Humphrey studied conducting under Dr. Joshua Byrd and trumpet under Dr. Chip Crotts. He is a member of the National Association for Music Educators, National Band Association, Georgia Music Educators Association, and Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia.

Highly active in the marching arts, Mr. Humphrey served as the Brass Caption Head at the Pacific Crest Drum & Bugle Corps from Diamond Bar, California (2016-2018). Before his role at Pacific Crest, he served as a brass and visual technician for the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps (2014, 2015) and the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps (2013). He is an active clinician in Forsyth and Cobb County in the state of Georgia.

Mr. Humphrey was a trumpet player at Spirit from JSU Drum & Bugle Corps in 2007 and went on to perform at Phantom Regiment from 2009-2012.

Mr. Humphrey and his wife, Emily, resides in Roswell, Georgia, with their dogs, Jake and Emerson.

Jaron Lehman will be starting his second year as the Assistant Director of Bands at Lakeside Middle School in Cumming, Georgia. He assists in instructing and directing the ensembles, including Symphonic Band, Concert Band, the Beginning Band, and Sixth-Grade Advanced Band. Previously, he was the winds instructor at the Atlanta Music Project and a horn instructor for schools in the Metro Atlanta area.

Mr. Lehman received his bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Georgia. While there, he studied horn with Dr. Jean Martin-Williams, Dr. Cathy Kilroe-Smith, and Dr. James Naigus. His professional affiliations include the National Association for Music Education, Georgia Music Educators Association, and Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia Fraternity.

He is excited to be a part of the Lakeside family and is looking forward to being a part of the band's journey!



What if I am not sure if I want my child to do music? Remember when your children wouldn’t eat the food you made for them? You always said, “Try it before you decide you don’t like it.” Music is the same way. Your child should sign up for band even if you are unsure. Give it a try, and if we decide that it doesn't work out, we can discuss other options at that time. The vast majority of students love the band once they see what an incredibly enriching experience it is.

Do I need to know how to play an instrument before joining band? Not at all! A high volume of students DO NOT know how play an instrument or have any musical experience before joining 6th Grade Band. If you have experience, that will be considered when choosing instruments.

How does 6th grade band work? 6th grade band is a class that meets during the school day. This means that your child can participate in after school sports and clubs without worrying about any interference. We love how active our band students are within the school. Our students participate in cheerleading, all sports, and all clubs. Band does not interfere with any of the other programs.

Do I receive a grade for band? Yes (if in-person or a hybrid student), band is considered an academic course at Lakeside. Students will be graded on mastery, which means performing the skill to a fundamental music standard. Not doing your work is not accepted, if you do not submit an assignment you will receive a “Missing” in the grade book with either more time to complete the assignment or an alternative assignment. You will receive a 100 in the grade book when the skill is of the expected standard.

Can I participate in sport/clubs while in band? Absolutely! There are Lakeside Band students involved in every team or club that the school offers.

How often do we perform? The 6th Grade Band has two performances throughout the year, but will have additional opportunities throughout the school year.

How much out of school time is required? Music is no different than any other curricular area. We ask that your child spend some time with their instrument each and every week. Think of it as musical homework, but much more fun.

What is the performance project? We will go more into detail about this in-class and during meetings, but the performance project (Earning Your Stripes) is a year-long project that the students will play essential musical fundamentals for Mr. Humphrey or Mr. Lehman on their own time. The students may come in the morning starting at 7:45AM.

Can my student be in both the band and the chorus? Absolutely! Keep in mind that both band and chorus are year long courses.

What does the connections schedule look like for students? Students attend 2 connections classes every 9 weeks. If a student is in the band or chorus, he/she remains in the class for the entire year and will rotate between the other connections classes in the other connections slot.

Is Band a financial obligation? Yes, but think of this as investing in your student's education. We wish funds were available for us to provide every child with an instrument, however, this is simply not possible. The school may have certain larger instruments available for at school use. If not, you can rent a quality instrument from a local music store at a very reasonable price. I will provide information about local and trusted retailers. Instruments require maintenance, mouthpieces, reeds, valve oil, etc. Please note that we want ALL students to be able to participate in the band. If financial constraints prevent you from being able to do this, please contact me and allow me to help. We will not let instrument availability or financial constraints keep your child from participating.

How do I choose an instrument? Sixth grade students will have the chance to tryout the different instruments at the Instrument Tryout Night (held sometime at the end of May). We will have two stations set up with Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Lehman on all of their instruments. After trying the students’ desired instruments, the student will discuss with Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Lehman, who will make recommendations based on the student's interest, the band's needs, and physical characteristics of the student.

Should we rent or purchase an instrument during our 6th Grade year? Most families choose to rent an instrument at the beginning of the band experience. We will have different companies available for your convenience, who will be providing contactless delivery for your instrument after placing an order online. Those links will be provided after the companies set up the links and send them to Mr. Humphrey.

What supplies do we need besides an instrument? The band fees will cover most materials including band binders, music, method books and the band polo shirt. Parents will need to purchase additional mouthpieces, reeds and sticks as needed.



ehumphrey@forsyth.k12.ga.us OR f39401@forsyth.k12.ga.us