Roughly 50 percent of people incarcerated in federal prisons today are there for drug related crimes.
There are two main types of drugs in this world: legal, illegal drugs. All medications are specifically designed to help us when we are feeling bad or positively attack a certain illness. We enjoy common drugs that help us manage our health such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin. “Illegal drugs are drugs people take to change how they think or feel”(Reese,12).

Drugs and pharmaceuticals make millions of dollars for the people who sell them. However, the need for illegal drugs has turned drug trafficking into a big business. Drug trafficking is the illegal sale or distribution of a controlled substance.

The Mexico the cartels have killed over 80 thousand people during Peña Nieto’s 11 year presidency and the numbers are still rising. Surprisingly the Mexican Government officials have said that these numbers have declined 30% since his presidency. The Mexican drug cartels earn in between $19 and $29 billion annually from US drug sales(Hernandez).
Drugs as prescribed by a doctor for medicinal purposes have helped people for hundreds of years to become more healthy. Strangely enough the abuse of some of these same drugs has created one of the greatest healthcare challenges in modern times. With the fears of addiction, arrest and even death the lesson for us to learn is that drugs are meant to help and should not be abused.
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