The lion and the mouse

Characters the mouse and the lion

Setting in a Jungle

The story about the lion and the mouse is that one day when the lion was taking a nap the mouse ran cross his face and woke up the lion and he got angry, the lion caught the mouse and told it he was going to eat him. The mouse begged the lion not to and that one day he will repay him if he ever needed help. The lion laughed and said he was too small to ever help him and let him go. The next day two hunters set a rope trap and the lion got caught. The lion roared for help the mouse heard him and went to go help by nibbling on the rope and he set the lion free.

The symbol for this is the lion being a rich wealthy man and the mouse being a low class man

The meaning and significance is that no matter how rich or powerful you are, you will still need even the smallest or the poorest people of society

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Yurisia Uribe

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