National Basketball Player Day February 21st

I think there should be a day to honor the basketball players. All basketball players work very hard during practice and training. Most basketball players are always tired at school the day after games or practices. Basketball players give us a lot of entertainment especially the NBA. Everyone thinks it's just a game and not hard but they have to dedicate their lives to it. That's why I think all basketball players should get the day off on February 21st.

Athletes have to always watch what they eat and have to stay in shape. It is a lot of hard work but they have to stick with it to be their best.


Basketball interferes with other events that you want to do. A lot of players do not get enough sleep. After games players bodies are physically worn out. Players have about 1-3 games a week. Even when players don't have games they have practices.

This event would also be an awesome time to get all the basketball players together. They could play together and meet a lot of new players.

A beautiful basketball court

This day would be a really nice break for the players and a time to relax. They would all be able to stay home from school on this day. And any NBA games would be free on this day. You just have to call in advance to get your ticket.

(1.) This would be a really fun day to get basketball players together. (2.) On average, players have 1 to 3 games a week. (3.) When they do not have a game they usually have practice. (4.) Each player runs close to a mile and usually more. (5.) Even without games and practices players still exercise.( 6.) You have to stay in shape if you want to play basketball.(7.)Basketball can interfere with other events. (8.) Basketball players usually play their games while already tired. (9.) After a hard fought game your body is physically worn out. (10.) Studys snow the players do not get enough sleep.

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