The Best and Worst Movies (In my opinion)

The 2006 film Stick It will forever be my favorite movie. When I first watched it as a 10 yr old tom boy it made me realize that I was 8000x cooler than the average girlie girl (aka Joanne in this movie), and that with a little assistance I could end up being a tad girlie later on in life. This movie hits every soft spot: It'll make you cry, pee your pants from laughing so hard and somehow manage to make you even a little mad at several of the characters. I mean, who doesn't like hating on entitled characters? I know I do!

I absolutely can not stand this movie. Call me The Grinch or a scrooge but when people suggest watching this movie it takes all of me not to take it from there hands and burn it. Elf is my least favorite movie due to these very valid reasons:

  1. It is very overrated. Aside from the fact that this grown man, who is an elf, realizes that he is actually not an elf and that his parents gave him up for adoption, it is just like every other christmas movie.
  2. In all honesty I have seen it over 23 times, and if you watch a movie that many times and quoting different scenes does not give you an ounce of joy...clearly it's a sign.
  3. There is one scene where Buddy tries to hug a wild raccoon and it attacks him, and I have been compared to that raccoon by my loved ones. I beg to differ, so naturally I get a little annoyed when I am forced to watch it.
  4. That's another reason, I am always the one person to object against watching this movie and thus I am pinned in-between two options: I can either leave and wallow in self pity alone without friends -or- I can suffer through watching the movie for the 24th time and be absolved from hate. Obviously I chose the latter.

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